Automated Joining and Non-Destructive Testing of Tube-Fitting-Joints (AutoFit)

Funding: BMWi/DLR
Project: 20W1905C
Contact: Florian Weber M. Sc.

The research in this project is designed as a collaborative joint project with the partners PFW Aerospace, Steitz Präzisionstechnik, and Fraunhofer IZFP.

Within the scope of the IUL subproject the use of contactless joining by forming processes for hybrid metal-thermoplastic force- and form-fit connections in aerospace applications is investigated. Joining by die-less hydroforming as well as electromagnetic joining by expansion is taken into consideration, including a possible integration of corresponding non-destructive testing methods. Besides the significantly different material behavior of the joining partners, the specific requirements of the aerospace industry pose fundamental challenges for the novel joints to be developed. These are, for example, the prevention of a kerosene leakage and the necessity of a well-defined electrical conductance of the joint in the event of a lightning strike. Current investigations focus on the time-dependent material characterization of the different joining partners.

Creep behavior of polycarbonate determined by tensile tube test