Optimized Working Coil Windings for Electromagnetic Forming Employing Additive Manufacturing Techniques

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: 259797904
Contact: Siddhant Prakash Goyal M. Sc.

In collaboration with the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management of TU Berlin the final funding period of the project is conducted with the objective of developing hybrid (multi-metallic) additively manufactured coils for the process design for electromagnetic forming.

The current focus of research at the IUL is on the development of a hybrid coil for the reduction of the achievable corner radius of deep-drawn parts (see Figures a, b). Due to the complicated geometry of the hybrid coil, an assembly-based solution is proposed which provides additional flexibility to the coil use. Moreover, the prevention of plastic deformation of the coils is investigated with the introduction of steel support structures. By the help of side supports, a hydrostatic pressure in the coil is applied, minimizing undesired plastic deformation (see Figures c, d). Validated numerical and analytical analyses facilitate the design procedure of the novel hybrid coils for the ensuing experimental realization.

a) Assembly-based coil, b) Corresponding ring element, c) Coil cross section, d) Deformation analysis