Department Applied Mechanics in Forming Technologies

The main field of activity is the analysis of forming processes with analytical and numerical methods. These are used to improve the description of the forming process and the properties of manufactured components. Novel methods of material characterization enable to accurately account for the material behavior in a process. In particular, the modeling and characterization of damage development provide a strong link between the two areas of expertise.

The continuous development of the in-plane torsion test allows to determine flow curves for very large true strains and curved components.Additional methods are developed to enhance the parameter identification so that conventional tests yield additional information. Consequently, the description of the material behavior is improved.

Another focus is the analysis of forming processes with a pronounced dependency on several physical quantities such as temperature, strain rate, and true strain. Thus, the component quality is determined to a high extent by these quantities. High-strength steels are shear-cut due to local softening at very high cutting speeds during adiabatic blanking.

Contact and Head of Department:
Dr.-Ing. Till Clausmeyer
Tel.:+49 231 755 8429