Adiabatic blanking machine, AdiaClip 1000 J, MPM Émalec

Further Forming Machines

Additive Manufacturing Machines

Material Testing Machines

Plastometer, 1 MN, self-built at IUL

Roughness Tester Marsurf XR1, Roughness measuring station with drive unit GD26, Mahr

Servo-hydraulic testing machine with HT-resistance heating system up to 1200 °C and protective gas vacuum chamber, Walter + Bai LFV-100-HH

  • Sheet metal testing machine, 1000 kN, Zwick BUP1000
  • Sheet metal testing machine, 200 kN, Erichsen 142/20
  • Test rig for the in-plane torsion test, self-built at IUL
  • Universal testing machines (1x 10 kN Erichsen, 1x 100 kN Zwick, 4x 250 kN Zwick)

Measurement Technology and Electronics

  • 3D-coordinate measurement machine, Zeiss PRISMO VAST 5 HTG (in cooperation with the "Institut für Spanende Fertigung", TU Dortmund University)
  • 3D-video measuring system, Optomess A250
  • 3MA-II Measurement System, Fraunhofer IZFP
  • Density measurement system, IMETER V6 by MSB Breitwieser MessSysteme
  • Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, LeCroy HDO6104A
  • Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, LeCroy Waverunner 104 MX
  • Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, Tektronix TDS 420A
  • Hardness tester, Wolpert Diatestor 2 RC/S
  • Infrared Camera, Infratec VarioCam HD head 680 S, Resolution 1280 x 960 Pixel
  • Infrared measuring device, PYROSKOP 273 C
  • Keyence Laser: non-contact distance measurement
  • Large volume SEM, Mira XI by Visitec (in cooperation with the Institute of Machining Technology and the Lehrstuhl für Werkstofftechnologie, TU Dortmund University)
  • Laser extensometer for universal testing machines, Zwick laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ
  • Laser Surface Velocimeter (LSV): non-contact velocity measurement
  • Laser-based Photon-Doppler Velocimeter for the measurement of high workpiece velocities
  • Light optical microscope, adapted for polarization, Zeiss Axio Imager.M1m
  • Multi-wavelength pyrometer, Williamson pro 100 series
  • Near infrared pyrometer, sensotherm Metis M 316
  • Near infrared pyrometer, Sensortherm Metis M 318
  • Optical 3D deformation analysis: 4x GOM ARAMIS (2x 5M + 1x 4M + 1x 2M), GOM ARGUS
  • Optical 3D digitizer: 2x GOM ATOS Triple Scan, GOM TRITOP
  • Optical 3D motion analysis: GOM PONTOS 4M
  • Optical frequency domain reflectometer ODiSI-B10 by Polytec: System for the space- and time-resolved measurement of temperature and strain

Residual stress measurement by means of hole drilling technique and Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI), Stresstech Prism

  • Residual stress measurement by means of hole drilling technique and strain gauge measurement, Milling Guide RS-200
    Tabletop SEM-EDX: Coxem EM-30 PLUS, RJL Micro & Analytic
    Thickness measuring device, Krautkrämer CL 304
  • Stresstech Xstress 3000 – X-ray diffractometer for measuring residual stresses
  • Thickness measuring device, Krautkrämer CL 304
  • X-ray diffractometer for measuring residual stresses, Stresstech Xstress 3000


  • 6-axes robot, industrial robot KUKA KR 90 R3700 prime K
  • 6-axes robot, industrial robot KUKA KR 5 sixx R650
  • Belt grinding machine, Baier PB-1200-100S
  • CNC universal turning machine, DMG MORI NEF 400 V3
  • DC power supply LAB4020
  • Electrolytic polishing and etching machine, Stresstech Kristall 650
  • Encapsulated postprocessing cabin for additive manufactured parts, joke Technology ENESKApostpro
  • Etching and polishing station - LectoPol-5, Struers GmbH
  • High-frequency generator, 10 kW, Hüttinger Axio 10/450
  • High-performance metal circular saw, Häberle AL 380
  • Hydraulic power units and pressure intensifiers up to 4000 bar (3 x)
  • Hydrostatic roller burnishing tool, Ecoroll, HG13 and HG6
  • Industrial robot KUKA KR 30-3
  • Laser processing center, Trumpf LASERCELL TLC 1005
  • Measuring rack, Boxdorf HP-4-2082
  • Medium-frequency generator, 40 kW, Trumpf TruHeat 3040 und 7040, with coax transformer
  • Mitring band sawing machines, Klaeger HBS 265 DG
  • Roll seam welding machine, Elektro-Schweißtechnik Dresden UN 63 pn
  • several machines for machining purposes
  • Tabletop cut-off machine Discotom-100, Struers (in cooperation with the Institute of Machining Technology, TU Dortmund University)
  • Tensile testing grinder, Schütz + PSM 2000
  • Tensile testing punch press, 1200 kN, Schütz + Licht GmbH ZS1200 CN
  • Turning machine, Weiler Condor VS2