Production of Aluminum Profiles with Continuous Reinforcement

Funding: AiF/Stifterverband Metalle
Project: 18959 N/1
Contact: André Schulze M. Sc.
Status: Completed

In this project the composite extrusion process was investigated for industrial applications.


The resulting requirements such as complex profile geometry, limited assembly space, and poor accessibility of the extrusion presses and dies and the demand for high productivity were to be considered. Together with the industrial partners a side impact beam was designed as a composite profile with reinforcing wires made of steel and shape-memory-alloy. The corresponding tool was conceptualized, analyzed with the help of the advanced simulation software, and experimentally tested. The reinforcing wires were successfully embedded in the aluminium matrix and the influence of subsequent process steps was analyzed. With the aim of increasing the mechanical properties of the composite profiles, the profiles were subjected to performance tests. However, it has been found that under high bending loads the wires detach from the aluminum matrix and no improvement in performance could be achieved due to the low amount of reinforcing elements in the profile.




Light microscope images of the embedded reinforcing wires of a tested profile