ReCIMP – Research Center for Industrial Metal Processing

In the “Research Center for Industrial Metal Processing (ReCIMP)” innovative forming processes for the automotive industry are investigated. In close cooperation with the international automotive parts manufacturer Faurecia, the focus is on the following objectives:

  • Improvement and deepening of basic knowledge about innovative metal production processes, process chains, and hybrid processes
  • Identification and investigation of new scientific trends in manufacturing technology
  • Development of a competence network consisting of further research institutions and companies

The various research projects are assigned to high-priority research areas such as "Extension of forming limits", "High-strength steels", and "Flexible manufacturing processes". The successful cooperation between Faurecia and the IUL exists since 2013, the second project phase started in 2018. Detailed information about the specific ReCIMP projects can be found on the project page.

Project Manager:
Sebastian Wernicke M. Sc.



Cooperation partner:
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