Optiform – Optimized Online Process Monitoring to Improve the Deep Drawing Properties of High-Strength Steel During Hot Forming

Funding LeitmarktAgentur.NRW
Project EFRE-0800265
Contact Mike Kamaliev M. Sc.
Status Completed

The aim of this project is the determination of potentials of acoustic sensors for condition monitoring of hot stamping processes.

To identify the acoustic sources, experiments were performed initially on a laboratory scale. Friction, hot forming, and phase transformations were examined separately. The comparison with signals from a press hardening process enabled the classification and filtering of the signals. For example, friction was identified as the dominant signal source during the forming process. Occurring cracks with specific characteristics resulted in a stagnant relative movement, causing a detectable signal decrease (see figure a). The summation and integration of relevant energy values enabled to set potential variable limits for the automated condition monitoring (see figure b). Thus, the project created a general understanding of the emergence of acoustic signals that occur through the various process phenomena. Furthermore, this basis can be used for quality assurance in process monitoring.


a) Recorded acoustic signal in a hot stamping process, b) Calculation at the detection of cracks