Fundamentals of the Incremental Profile Forming

Funding German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project BE 5196/3-1
Contact Dr.-Ing. Christian Löbbe
Status Completed

Incremental Profile Forming (IPF) allows the flexible manufacture of various profile components with a very high degree of complexity.

The basic principle of the forming procedure is based on the performance of local forming operations on semi-finished tubes with a simultaneous use of one or more forming tools (see figure b). The high flexibility of this process is represented by the large variety of manufactured parts (see figure a). A minimum number of 108 producible geometrical elements has been identified. They are manufactured in a kinematic, form-based as well as in a combined way of deformation. The most possibilities of deformation are achieved by the kinematic deformation. Thus, the two basic processes of radial indentation and axial drawing were examined fundamentally. A strain-based process model for the prediction of the present deformation and the resulting reduction of wall thickness during radial indentation was developed. Furthermore, a model for the calculation of the maximum effective forming force was developed and validated numerically and experimentally.


a) Variety of manufactured parts, b) Machine