Granular Media-Based Tube Press Hardening

Funding German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project TE 508/52-1
Contact Mike Kamaliev M. Sc.

Together with DLR (German Aerospace Center), the suitability of granular media as a forming medium for tube expansion at elevated temperatures is investigated in this project.

The process is an alternative for the production of high-strength hollow profile parts through a combined forming and quenching in one tool. Due to its high compressive strength and temperature resistance zirconium dioxide is particularly suitable as a forming medium. The force transmission behavior between individual granules, the sheet, and the medium lead to a complex interaction in the tool. For the process development the procedure was analyzed using a thermo-mechanically coupled FE model and an active axial feeding axis has been added to the process. Through the feeding axis the component thickness can be adjusted and localized thinning can be prevented. Simultaneously, the reduced thinning leads to an improved formability. The effect of this measure is limited by the onset of wrinkling at high feed rates. With the aid of a newly developed tool the numerical results will be validated.


Increasing formability of tube components through axial feeding