Reducing the stair step effect for dies manufactured by layer-laminated manufacturing by additive and formative post-processing

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/82-1
Contact: Hamed Dardaei Joghan M. Sc.

A resource-efficient process chain for the flexible manufacturing of dies for deep drawing processes is to be developed. The corresponding high-volume base body of the die is manufactured fast and cost-efficiently from single sheet layers.

The occurring stair steps, which may vary due to the lamination layering, are to be filled by laser powder deposition and, finally, the active die areas are smoothed through roller burnishing. Besides saving energy, this process combination is also faster and cheaper than conventional die manufacturing for deep drawing and shall be reviewed in terms of these criteria. The fundamentals developed are transferred to drawing tools of different complexities and examined in forming tests with regard to the achievable component quality and wear devel-opment. Finally, a technological, economic, and energetic evaluation is carried out.