Forming of Additively Manufactured Sandwich Sheet Composites with Optimized Core Structures

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/50-1
Contact: Stephan Rosenthal M. Sc.
Status: Completed

In cooperation with the Institute for Product Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen composite sandwich panels with core structures optimized for forming are developed.

The sandwich panels are manufactured in a monolithic or hybrid construction approach. As a result, two metallic materials can be combined within the process. The semi-finished sandwich sheets are formed into the final geometry in a subsequent forming operation. Additive manufacturing allows integrating functions such as cooling channels or sensors. Current investigations deal with the forming behavior of the sandwich sheets and core structures in the U-bending test with blankholder. In particular, one focus is to provide an approach to numerically predict the forming behavior of such complex and filigree core structures properly. The additive production of such structures can lead to a deviation from the nominal geometry, which has an effect on the results of the numerical simulations and, thus, requires a correction.

Comparison of numerical simulation and experiment of a U-bending process with blankholders