Process Combination of Incremental Sheet Forming and Laser Powder Deposition for Lightweight Manufacturing

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/68-1
Contact: Lennart M. Tebaay M. Sc.

The project covers the combination of incremental sheet forming (ISF) and additive manufacturing (AM) by laser powder deposition to produce lightweight products (ISF) with functional elements (AM).

Due to the integration of the tooling technology of incremental sheet forming into the milling and welding machine it is possible to manufacture specimens at one setting. The aim of this project is, i.a., the determinition of process boundaries. It is analyzed how the groove profile generated during ISF affects the welding process. Afterwards, the material compound is mechanically tested in order to characterize the weld connection. Based on the privous results, strategies for the ISF process can be deduced to receive an optimal preconditioning of the sheet for the subsequent additve process. Also, the tool path of the powder nozzle has to be studied because thermomechanical effects are likely to affect the part quality. Finally, the energy and resource-efficiency of the combined manufacturing process is evaluated.

Demonstratorgeometrie IBU - Pyramide und AM - Würfel