Forming Technologies for Metallic and Hybrid Lightweight Structures for the Use in Electromobility

Funding: BMBF/PTKA, Promotion Platform FOREL 2
Project: 02P16Z011
Contact: Marlon Hahn M. Sc.

In this coordination project in collaboration with TU Dresden (TUD), TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Paderborn University, and the Technical University of Munich, topics dealing with future mobility with regard to the manufacturing of lightweight components and recycling of materials are covered.

With the help of a survey in which participants from the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and recycling industry are questioned about concepts for future mobility, about the requirements for new manufacturing technologies as well as about the recycling of materials, future research topics and recommendations are identified and deduced. For example, together with the Institute of Mineral Processing Machines of TU Bergakademie Freiberg the re-use of aluminum chips and scrap in manufacturing is considered. The mechanical properties of aluminum profiles made by extrusion are investigated and the influence of the chip and scrap dimensions and the method of preparation on the recycling process are analyzed.


Results of the FOREL survey 2018 on the subject of recycling