Incremental Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming by Application of Thermally-controlled Grading Mechanisms

Funding German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project SFB/TR 73 • Subproject T04
Contact Stefan Gallus M. Sc.

One problem in incremental sheet-bulk metal forming is that during edgethickening (see Figure a) only the outer blank edge is heavily thickened, while the thickness drops radially towards the middle of the blank.

Magnetic Pulse Welding: Targeted Manipulation of Weld Seam Formation

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/39-3 (SPP 1640 • Teilprojekt A1)
Contact: Dr.Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Jörn Lueg-Althoff
Status: Completed

With the third project stage of the DFG Priority Program 1640 (“Joining by Plastic Deformation”), the basic investigations on magnetic pulse welding of tubular joining partners were completed.

Forming of Additively Manufactured Sandwich Sheet Composites with Optimized Core Structures

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/50-1
Contact: Stephan Rosenthal M. Sc.
Status: Completed

In cooperation with the Institute for Product Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen composite sandwich panels with core structures optimized for forming are developed.

Forming by Locally Varying Vaporizing Actuators

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/69-1
Contact: Marlon Hahn M.Sc.

A thin aluminum foil can be vaporized by an intense current generated through a rapid capacitor bank discharge (called vaporizing actuator).

Process Combination of Incremental Sheet Forming and Laser Powder Deposition for Lightweight Manufacturing

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/68-1
Contact: Lennart M. Tebaay M. Sc.

The aim of this project is the analysis of the process combination of incremental sheet forming (ISF) and laser metal deposition (LMD) with respect to its fundamentals and interactions.

Forming Technologies for Metallic and Hybrid Lightweight Structures for the Use in Electromobility

Funding: BMBF/PTKA, Promotion Platform FOREL 2
Project: 02P16Z011
Contact: Marlon Hahn M. Sc.

In this coordination project in collaboration with TU Dresden, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Paderborn University, and the Technical University of Munich, topics dealing with future mobility are addressed, in particular with a focus on numerical prediction accuracy and lightweight design.

Improvement of Product Properties by Selective Induction of Residual Stresses in Incremental Sheet Metal Forming

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/67-1 (SPP 2013)
Contact: Fabian Maaß M. Sc.

The objective of the project SPP 2013 is the deliberate use of forming-induced residual stresses in metal components.

Development of an Incremental Micro-forming Process for the Small Batch Production of Metallic Bipolar Plates

Funding: AiF/FOSTA
Project: 14 EWN/P1247
Contact: Lennart Tebaay M. Sc.
Status: Completed

So far, the development of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cells was done by using either deep drawing or hydroforming, which are both cost-intensive conventional processes.

Development of Hybrid Plastic/Magnesium Composite Parts for Ultra-Light-Construction Applications (KuMag)

Funding: LeitmarktAgentur.NRW
Project: EFRE-0800113
Contact: Hamed Dardaei Joghan M. Sc.
Status: Completed

In cooperation with IKV Aachen, JUBO, KODA and TWI, the combined process for the production of hybrid plastic/magnesium composites was developed to provide an efficient lightweight solution.

Die-less Hydroforming by Outer Pressurization

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project: TE 508/66-1
Contact: Florian Weber M. Sc.
Status: Completed

The aim of this project was the determination of the process limits of forceand form-fit tube-to-tube joints, established by outer pressurization through a fluid.