ReGAT - Research Group on Additive Technology

Additive manufacturing processes develop progressively from prototype manufacturing to component manufacturing and are a complement and/or alternative to conventional manufacturing technologies like metal forming. However, the major advantage of additive manufacturing, i.e. the geometrical freedom of the components to be produced, faces the major disadvantage of long manufacturing times. In contrast to many forming technology processes, additive manufacturing processes are, despite machine and process specific developments, still not suitable for mass production. Therefore, the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Components pursues the approach of an integration of additive manufacturing processes into the traditional forming technology in order to combine the advantages of both technologies. Currently, additively manufactured dies with inner cooling channels for the extension of process limits during hot extrusion and additively manufactured tool windings for electromagnetic forming processes are explored at the institute. Regarding semi-finished products, additively manufactured sandwich sheets with a core structure adapted to the subsequent forming process as well as to the later workpiece function are developed in a further project.

Motivated by the previous research results, the working group "Research Group on Additive Technology" was established in 2015. In this group, the potential of the combination of additive and forming manufacturing processes is elaborated and explored fundamentally.


Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Ramona Hölker-Jäger
Stephan Rosenthal M. Sc.