Stefan Gallus M. Sc.
Baroper Str. 303
Maschinenbau III / Raum 4.012
Campus Süd
44227 Dortmund

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+49 231 755 2402

Key activities

Sheet bulk metal forming
Tube and profile forming
Incremental forming


Freeform Bending of Aviation-Relevant Tubular Parts



Nazari, E., Löbbe, C., Gallus, S., Izadyar, A. S., Tekkaya, A. E., 2018. Design of process parameters for the incremental tube forming (ITF) by FEM to control product properties. ESAFORM.  23.-25.04.2018, Palermo, Italy.
Gallus, S., Meya, R., Seibt, M., Löbbe, C., Ben Khalifa, N., 2017. Manufacture of tailored tubes at elevated temperatures by heat assisted incremental tube forming. 2 nd Conference & Exhibition on Light Materials, 09.11.2017, Bremen, Germany.