Felix Kolpak M. Sc.
Baroper Str. 303
MB III / Raum 4.030
Campus Süd
44227 Dortmund

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+49 231 755 8433

Key activities

Cold forging
Numerical modeling
Load reversal effects


Analysis and Extension of the Limits of Application in Metal Forming-Based Recycling of Aluminum Chips (completed)

Prediction of Local Product Properties in FEM Forming Simulations (completed)



Kolpak, F., Dahnke, C., Tekkaya, A. E., 2018. Influence of the Bauschinger Effect on the Product Properties of Cold Forged Parts. In: Proceedings of the 8th International Seminar on Precision Forging, Nagoya, Japan.
Kolpak, F., Dahnke, C., Tekkaya, A. E., 2018. Prediction of Product Properties in Cold Forging Considering the Bauschinger Effect. In: Proceedings of the 51st ICFG Plenary Meeting, Columbus, USA, pp. 159-166.
Dahnke, C., Kolpak, F., Kloppenborg, T., Tekkaya, A. E., 2017. Manufacturing of reinforced profiles by means of combined continuous and discontinuous composite extrusion. In: Proceedings of the ICEB 2017, Verona, Italy. (Digital)
Kolpak, F., Schwane, M., Dahnke, C., Tekkaya, A. E., 2017. Improved property prediction of cold forged components by means of enhanced material models. SCT 2017, 18.-22.06.2017, Amsterdam, Niederlande.
Kolpak, F., Dahnke, C., Tekkaya, A. E., 2017. Numerical Prediction of the Process Limits of Aluminum Chip Extrusion. In: WGP Jahreskongress 2017. (Digital)
Napierala, O., Kolpak, F., Dahnke, C., Tekkaya, A. E., Wälder, J., Liewald, M., 2016. Potentials and Limits of Hollow Lateral Extrusion. ICFG 2016, 49th Plenary Meeting, 04.-07.09.2016, Stuttgart, Germany.